The Terrific Twenty: Thank you Followers!

I have only been personal blogging since October 21st, and really had no expectations about the reach and readership of my blog. Of course I want an audience. It has taken me years to get to the point where sharing my personal writing is okay. For the past several months I have worked hard to claim the moniker “writer”. One time recently when asked if I was a writer, I had to literally stamp my foot for my mouth to answer “yes”.

My graduate work is in journalism and marketing communications and even though I have written for a living, I never considered myself a writer. I was a cleaver spin doctor, or an objective reporter. Now I am sharing my personal essays with a bunch of strangers, who like my writing enough to “follow” me. I’d like to thank you all in this Terrific Twenty Roll Call:

  1. My first , Opinionated Man ( . Thanks for being my numero uno follow.
  2. The nomad, Jarosław PlayWithLifE ,
  3. Lacey has been a true friend and supporter of my writing, wow, probably for a decade. Lacey Louwagie
  4.  conqueringanthropophobia ,
  5. gregmercer601 ,
  7. Nicola
  8. Dennis Cardiff
  9. Kait
  10. georgialaverick
  11. My friend from the rooms who began her own blog after reading my first post.  sherryirvin
  12. e12p
  13. Paul Thomas Bell
  14. Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger
  15. shaun890
  16. gradypbrown
  17. Sheeki86
  18. Maggie Mae
  19. sacpros
  20. And as of nine hours and 22 min ago, It’s just Me

Thank you all for your readership , whether you are one of the “Terrific Twenty” or my secret followers.  And to other bloggers or readers, If you like my writing you may want to check out the fabulous blogs above.


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