Howdy, Neighbor!

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is “Say Hi to the Neighbors”: follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

When I first read this assignment, I thought “easy peasy!” As a new blogger, I am constantly reading new blogs, but I must admit, there is a bit “tit for tat” in my reading and following; reading those who follow me than reciprocate. But I do follow blogs by topics of interest, but adding 5 new tags to follow is a bit daunting.

So far, I’ve added three topics ( marketing communications, public relations and fundraising) and am following four new blogs ( from two of the above topics, one I found under the “bi-polar” tag and another under “sober”) . My hope is to follow another tag and blog about non-profit management or non-profit development, as the fundraising tag seems more geared to cause blogs seeking donations.

If you think “I’m going to skip this assignment because I already do it”, think again. It is more complex and eye-opening than it seems at first glance.I never thought I would be posting about the experience, but I encourage others, whether in Blogging 101 or not, to take this challenge.

P.S. I intended to write on the Weekly Writing Challenge subject, which I will as soon as I get that damn Alanis Morissette song out of my head.


5 thoughts on “Howdy, Neighbor!

    • I found your blog on the first day I began mine on “Freshly Pressed”, as well as another blog on sobriety. Being my first day reading blogs on WordPress, I thought they were just selecting blogs I’d like based on ming. Talk about self-centeredness….

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      • I’m not convinced that a few of the WordPress editors aren’t psychic.
        Like going to a meeting and hearing exactly what you need to hear that day. 🙂

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