Friday Funday: St. Vincent, The Movie

It’s Friday. I have a full day of work ahead. Plus a date with Bass (although I hope we do it tomorrow; I know I’ll be exhausted after work). Let’s celebrate this TGIF with a little Bill Murray. Although still funny, he’s a man who has aged into a distinguished actor with depth. If choosing the date night movie is entirely up to me, this is what we’ll see: St. Vincient.

First became aware of this movie when I watched this clip. Bill had me at Bob Dylan.

Here is the official trailer:

If you have seen the movie, feel free to comment below. I would love to hear what you think!


5 thoughts on “Friday Funday: St. Vincent, The Movie

    • Thank you! We are going to do the date tonight instead, since he’s staying in Med City for the weekend. There are two other movies out that look good, The Judge and Interstellar, so I’m unsure which we will see.

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