NahBlahPostMore?! My first week, my first roundup.

I’m fourteen posts into my blog, ten in November for the first week of the infamous challenge as well as student assignments for Blogging 101.  This course has made it easy to participate in NaBloPoMo, but the Dream Blogger assignment brought my writing and revelations to a deeper emotional level. I sincerely would like to write nothing for the weekend. But instead I’ll keep up the challenge and attempt something I’ve never done; a round-up. Inspired by Life, Etc.’s “Handsome Blogs” post, here’s my fledging attempt at congruently sharing this week’s reading and writing. Sorry, no congress of monkeys or polls.

I began November contemplating what it means to be a Superhero, and then was pleasantly reminded yesterday that I am a “Recovery Hero” on UnPickled (which I read on Freshly Pressed).

I explored who I am and why I write in “Pleased to Meet Me”, a title taken from my favorite band, the Replacements. 

Through this assignment (who I am and why I’m here), I discovered an incredible writer named Ruby Browne whose post “Build” blew me away. I have grown to LOVE the WordPress community, and love my neighbors. So much so, that I would have rather been in WordPress than on my last two coffee dates.

However I am looking forward to my date with Bass, which will happen tonight instead of last night. Hope your weekend is full – of writing, reading or simple relaxation. And a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL, whether you’re followers or secret readers.


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