Ummm….Ahhh….Ahww!….XOXO: A Date Reviewed

It’s one two p.m. and just now I am thinking about my daily post. Lately the first thing I do in the morning is pick up my laptop and write. In the beginning I justified my blogging as an adequet replacement for my yoga, prayer and meditation routine; I would ask for guidence from my creator than create. Lately though, I can feel the workaholic resurfacing and the first thought when I awake is PRODUCE, PRODUCE, PRODUCE!

After throwing my toys out the pram (as the Brits would say), over a simple inconvience yesterday , I found it necessarry to do guided breathing and meditation for an hour until I was recentered. This was perfect preparation for date night. And I had a wonderful time.

Bass and I did see St. Vincent, which I highly reccomend. Although don’t watch the full trailer on the post I just linked; it spoils some of the highlights of the movie. After we went to a local eatery for appetizers and conversation. We had a wonderful talk for two hours or so, until the placed closed at 12 a.m. Between the movie, the eatery and then my home, we listened to the music he produced and has played. Then we had a nice snog before I jumped out of his truck and into my house. We just had a mushy message conversation, which I allowed to interupt this post. So now, this sober & single girl is……


3 thoughts on “Ummm….Ahhh….Ahww!….XOXO: A Date Reviewed

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