Like a Good Neighbor, Violet is here…occasionally

I am unable to connect to the internet in my home on my laptop or my tablet. I am the only one out of five who is having this problem. I turned the Wi-Fi receiver off then on again, but still could not connect. Therefore I am at McDonald’s using their free internet with a cup of coffee I can afford. It’s been a bit startling for this introvert. So if you leave a comment and do not see it on my blog or are worried because I have not “liked” what you’ve said, never fear Neighbor, it’s because my internet is down.

Speaking of neighbors, my assignment for Blogging 101 is to leave comments on at least four blogs I’ve never commented on before. Surprisingly to me, I commented on three blogs I had not been to before. Welcome to my WordPress discoveries:

  1. Still Thinking, “The Season is Upon Us” – I found this blog in the Blogging 101 community. The blogger is a fellow Minnesotan who, in this post, displays pictures of the hockey rink he is building in his backyard. I am not a sports fan, am originally from Arizona, and only learned to ice skate a few years ago. I still am not skilled enough for outdoor rinks. However, the one sport I enjoy watching is hockey; it brings out the inner Violent Violet.
  2. Grady P. Brown, “Superpower: Super Speed”– Grady and I follow each other. Even though I read his blog I have not commented until today. Grady imagines the drawbacks of having super speed in this super post.
  3. Pixie Dust Beach, “You Never Know” – This blog was in my reader, even though I was not a follower until reading this post. Here I actually replied to a comment. PDB discusses her geographical audience in a warm and thoughtful way in “You Never Know”.
  4. Hanje Richards, “The God Stuff” –  This was the “Violet, you are not alone!” read of the day. I found this in the tag I follow, Unitarian Universalist, which is also my spiritual persuasion. This post discusses being an atheist or agnostic in 12 step programs.

I encourage you to check out my eclectic neighbors. And if you don’t hear from me until tomorrow, it’s because my hood link has been hoodwinked.


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