Happiness from Japan, or originally Australia…

Dear Readers,

There is something  you may not know about me; well, you know it if you have read my updated  “About” page. I collect  PEZ dispensers. I began my collection around 1994, mostly buying PEZ on my travels. I bought Bugs Bunny in Albuquerque , because that’s  where he took a “wrong turn”, and my Disney PEZ (original characters Mickey  Mouse, Donald Duck, ect.) at Disneyland.

My friends also buy me PEZ Dispensers on their travels. One friend  bought E.T. for me in Hong Kong. But yesterday I received  my first package from Japan .

And it was a Halloween  PEZ Dispenser ! I have an American  friend from college who has lived in Japan for over a decade.


Technically,  he bought this PEZ in Australia. Looking on the back, the dispenser and candy were made in Hungary, on behalf of PEZ Headquarters  in Austria, imported to Melbourne, bought somewhere in Australia by my friend, who flew it with him back to Japan, then sent it to me in Minnesota.

It’s a well-traveled  PEZ Dispenser. And it’s happiness  in a tiny package.


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