The Untold: Or All the Minutiae of Violet’s Week

It’s the end of NahBlahPostMore Week Two. Luckily Blogging 101 takes a break for the weekend, but I thought I’d let you know some of the changes made this week due to this course.

  1. Monday, November 10 – I made my About page irresistible and added a text widget briefly describing my blog on my home page.
  2. Tuesday, November 11 – Added a purple header to my blog.
  3. Wednesday, November 12 – Explored my neighborhood.
  4. Thursday, November 13 – Built a post based upon one of my neighbor’s post.
  5. Friday, November 14 – I spruced up my sidebar by adding the Follow Me widget.

On a more personal note, I made some decisions in regards to the “dating experiment”. It stopped being fun. I enjoy spending time with Bass so I took down all my profiles on the dating sites. It’s a relief to not have my email flooded, especially with the really crazy, unsavory messages. But I’m not changing the name of my blog, because I’m single until I, or the legal marriage system, says otherwise. We had a nice date at home last night and tonight we’re going to dinner and a comedy club. The fact that this introvert is willing to spend two nights in a row with another person is dating progress.

And a big THANK YOU to my readers! I now have 112 “followers” and 1,088 views! My arbitrary goal was 200 followers by October 2015, so I am pleasantly surprised, and very grateful to my audience.


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