Toy and Joy: Pride and Poverty

I’m  sorry I have not blogged more this month, followers  and friends. Frankly, I began this month with a rebel,  “hiatus time!” attitude  after posting daily in November.

Today I  am  taking time to post something  I otherwise  would not post if I  did not have my blogger anonymity. I’m poor.

And I’m not talking “I cannot  buy a Starbucks latte” poor but poverty poor, as in “I get assistance  from Salvation  Army to buy used clothes” poor.

It’s a lifestyle  choice in that I put my addiction and mental  health  recovery  first, follow  the advice of my team of professionals, live in adult foster care, and therefore am limited by the county in terms of the amount of pay I can keep from my job.

So I sucked up my pride and am going to the Salvation  Army’s “Toy and Joy” program to get presents  for my 15 year-old. The rest of my family’s  presents I bought at Salvation  Army  with my clothing  card.

I’m really nervous. I  have no idea what to expect when I  go shop today at “Toy and Joy”. I  just want to thank my readers who give to Salvation  Army, drop off toys, adopt a family or in some way give to those who otherwise  would  go without  this holiday season.

Like addiction, there is not a cookie cutter mold for a person  in poverty. I  have  a M.A., used to work 60 or more hours a week, come from an educated family, and am highly  intelligent   (and good looking). And I  am  poor.


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