Potpourri or tea?

My favorite youngest niece works at Teavana, Starbucks’ tea takeover company. I  love her to death, and her enthusiasm  for  her job, but the curmudgeon in me thinks they’ve  conned her into selling potpourri and calling it tea.



My “Lavender  Dreams” comes with specific instructions: Use 1.5 to 2 tsp., water heated to 175F (NOT boiling) seeped  for 2 min.


It’s so much more complicated than a cup of black tea with milk. However, her gusto for tea brings me  back  to  my job in the early 90s working at the first espresso / fancy  coffeeshop in Duluth, Lakeview  Coffee. I  was so excited about being a Barista  and going to “Coffee College” in the cities. And I was faced with many (much like me now)  who just wanted an uncomplicated cup of black coffee.

SO with a little honey, I  drank my lavender  potpourri. BUT also made a sachet  out of an old, clean worn sock with the used “tea leaves” ( um, their flowers) because  it probably  will make for a relaxing bath.



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