A day in the life of freelance writing …

It’s nearly 20 days since I’ve posted. Twenty days! That’s 20 NaBloPoMo posts that would not have happened. Nonetheless, I presently have writers’ fatigue.

I just finished a feature article for a magazine my UU congregation is publishing. It will be a full color magazine, mine will be the cover story.  I am writing the article pro bono. For whatever reason, this meant that EVERY PERSON I interviewed wanted to “proof” or “review” the article. Usually I would say “NO! NO! NO!” Except that my recorder failed on my last day of interviews, so I relied mostly on my notes. This does not happen with paid work.

Speaking of which, I have a couple of paid writing jobs coming up, both of which I hope will amount to ongoing work. I will be moving to a small town in March and would love if I could get a steady stream of income from writing at home. It’s been a year playing with kids at the children’s museum, and since there is not room for growth there, it’s time for new ventures.

Well, gotta go. I have not been making it to my writers group so unexpectedly I was just messaged the writing prompt. Let the writing from home commence!


2 thoughts on “A day in the life of freelance writing …

  1. Thanks, Lacey ! I’ve had a few jobs from PR Web, which have been great. Last couple weeks I have not had projects. The publisher for the magazine I write regularly for has been on vacation, so I may get swamped with assignments when she returns. Or maybe not. Love it, but it’s not predictable.


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