The False Veil 

The false veil of this depression is lifting. I’m feeling quite well today! Got my son’s room ready for his arrival tomorrow.  Some xmas decorations up- just enough for it to feel festive. No tree. But it’s more than “good enough” as the veil lifts from this major depressive episode.

Hope to talk more tomorrow about what worked this time. But in a nutshell, I surrendered. Didn’t fight the depression, tried to stay out of shame, practiced “good enough”, and probably most helpful began blogging again.



2 thoughts on “The False Veil 

  1. So grateful to hear that you are coming out of this. I thought about mentioning on an earlier post that writing about it seemed like a really good decision. August’s room looks great — I love that colorful blanket!

    I do think being gentle with ourselves is so key to making it through these times. I’ve also found that if I just LET myself be sad, even “wallow” for a while, I come out of the darkness much faster.

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