DBT & Me

I’ve been on a list to take a Dialetical Behavior Therapy course taught by my therapist and got the call today that there is an opening. Part of me is like “I’ve been doing this for five years and have my self-help DBT workbooks, do I really need the course?” And the type A me is exited to relearn these skills which are helpful for managing not just my bipolar symptoms, but maintaing my sobriety. Because I am a dual-diagnosis dame in long-term recovery. I’m coming up on three years of recovery, from both of these illnesses, and I don’t want to go backwards. So forward I go with DBT & ME!


5 thoughts on “DBT & Me

  1. I find that even when I think I’ve got something “down,” taking a class or reading a book about it helps remind me to keep living a certain way, and I usually learn something new or see something in a new light along the way. Enjoy your class!

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    • Thanks Lacey! It’s also a way for me to meet new people. Some may be required or recommend to take the class, and that’s good, but hopefully some will be like me; just trying to keep their tools from getting rusty.


  2. I want to take DBT after writing and researching a long article for NewLifeOutlook on DBT and Zen. I started scheduling less activities daily and found I remembered where I park my car at the grocery store. But I’m slipping a bit. I’m forgetting.

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