My New Addiction

I have not left the couch today. And I am feeling quite well. For a week I’ve been sick with a fever and nauseous bug but that seems to be gone.

However, Bass is out of town this weekend at “band camp” – his twice monthly get together with his band in Wisconsin where they spend the weekend practicing and recording in his cousin’s garage. This means he takes the Mac mini with him, which is our main media streaming device. Knowing I was feeling unwell, he bought an Apple TV thingy to replace the Mac’s absence. 

I hooked it up today, and I am hooked. For some reason I cannot get our Netflix account to work but that does not matter. Where we live in the boonies of Southern Minnesota, it is impossible to get local TV, but with the Apple TV I can access most of the programs on network television, but with the streaming convience of picking and choosing what I want to watch and when. So here’s the best of what I’ve watched today  – the places I’ve been from my couch instead of living my life. 

  • Mercy Street- A new PBS civil war drama set in the Union- run Mansion House Hospital  in Alexandia, Virginia. Alistair Cookie and I give it 5 cookies.  
  • Kendrick Lamar on Austin City Limits. FREAKING AWESOME! I’m a fan of Austin City Limits on PBS and my 16 year old son is a fan of Kendrick Lamar. This has to be one of the best ACL performances I’ve ever seen. I watched the whole hour while dancing and singing along like I was there. Kendrick is a rap artist I can tolerate when my son is playing him while we are trapped in my car. But the ACL performance presented him in a way which engaged this old lady.
  • Colony- A new USA Network drama about a family and their life in a future Los Angeles, when aliens have come to colonize.

Well, at least now I feel a bit productive because I unglued myself from one screen to write on another. But I have to go – “Sherlock: The Adominable Bride” is presently cued-up to watch.  


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